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NordicTrack's marketing and advertising department better make a lot of money because they can make absolute *** sound like gold. The NordicTrack 1750 may look great on the outside but it is made up of the cheaply made Chinese parts. You can put a Ferrari frame on a Prius but it's still a Prius.

The absolute dead giveaway is the warranty. They term this a Commercial treadmill. Commercial quality treadmills are covered under a commercial warranty. This doesn't have a commercial warranty which means that the commercial label is a lie. NordicTrack throws the word "Commercial" around like nobody's business. If you buy this for a commercial setting it will not be covered under warranty. This is a residential treadmill ONLY.

NordicTrack claims that it has 3.8 HP Commercial motor (there's the word commercial again.) I took the motor hood off and inspected it. This is one of the most deceiving claims I have ever seen. All of their treadmills claim to have the best, most efficient motors around. Let me tell you the truth about this motor. First of all, the 3.8 HP is generated at nearly 2800 Watts. Yes, that is the power consumption of nearly 28 100 Watt light bulbs. A normal circuit is 15 amps. This means a circuit can barely pull half of this 3.8 HP. But there's more to this. The motor label is missing something very, very important. It's missing the RPMs needed to generate this 3.8 HP. The lower the RPMs, the less the motor has to work to generate power and the more efficient the motor is. If the motor has to work too hard it will prematurely wear out. I have seen a ton of motors in my lifetime and they all state the RPMs needed to generate this HP. So I did some research and I found older NordicTrack motors (back when they were less deceptive.) These motors all have RPM ratings of 6000-8000. Efficient treadmill motors shouldn't ever run higher than 5000 RPMS. Commercial motors run at 2000-3000 RPMs. NordicTrack is leaving this information off on purpose. This is the equivalent of a donut maker claiming to have the healthiest donuts and then refusing to list the Calories. Utter deception and false advertising.

Next, the console. Icon Health and Fitness (look up their BBB ratings {650 complaints in 3 years} and customer reviews on this site,) the parent company of the NordicTrack brand among others, is famous for having the best looking consoles in the business. No other manufacturer in the residential price ranges of $1000-$2000 can afford to put touch screens into their treadmills, so why can Icon? Because their marketing and advertising team get people to buy their features, not their quality. Their entire business practice revolves around the belief that 85% of treadmill purchasers will stop using their treadmill within 3 months of purchase (or 100 hours of use.) As long as they use parts (including touch screens) that can last 100 hours then they have beaten the odds. And what happens to the other 15% that experience malfunctions and failures? Those customers get to wait on the phone for hours, go back and forth with customer service that only wants to get the customer off the phone, and never end up with a working treadmill. Do yourself a favor and do your research before buying a treadmill. Stay away from NordicTrack and Icon's other brands. If you go onto treadmill review sites, understand that those sites get paid commission by Icon to recommend Icon brands. You will only find negative customer reviews but you have to look for them. Icon pays a lot of money to hide poor reviews. They only sell on websites where they can control reviews. This is why you won't see NordicTrack on Amazon. Unless you just want a fancy coat hanger there are more reliable treadmills out there.

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As someone who has been a disappointed consumer of NordicTrack before, I would not recommend their products to anyone looking to get a good piece of workout equipment. There is a reason they're sold in department stores, and it is because they are disposable. If they were built to last or could stand on their own two feet they probably would be able to sell them in their own storefronts or in specialty stores

Clive, Iowa, United States #1345618

Wow... very deceptive advertising!


Nothing worse that a brand that has to put up advertising smokescreens just to sell a product. A good treadmill will sell itself.


People who are looking to do better with their health shouldn't have to worry about fitness companies trying to trick them into a fail routine on a less than adequate product.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #1344807

Great post! Thank you for the info!

This type of advertising is a joke! I would encourage for those looking for exercise equipment to look at Matrix products!

Gillette, Wyoming, United States #1344512

Marketing and advertising can go a long ways! Unbelievable what some companies will do to deceive consumers. Great post!!

Waukee, Iowa, United States #1344501

Finally someone other than me sees all the lies these online companies push to consumers.

Fort Pierce, Florida, United States #1234802

It's funny how I had to go a few pages down on Google to find this review. (Everything else was stunning positivity.) Some things are too good to be true..

and others more obviously so.

Thank you for all the research and explanation in this review. This really helped me understand the deal with this treadmill and their marketing in general.

Para, Paranaque, Philippines #1200872

Thank you for this information. It seems like everyone lies and cheats in today's world:( I was ready to purchase a Nordic Track until I read your post.

I now will inquire as to the rpm's needed to generate the stated CHP on motors from now on with all brands! I should have wondered how they could price their mills so competitively and have a 3.5 or 3.8 motor.

If your stats are correct and most people stop using their mills after a period of time then they are wasting their money.

I have been using treadmills for the last twenty plus years and they are a great adjunct to other forms of exercise for some although for me it is my major focus.

You cannot beat the convenience! Thanks, Brian

Richmond, Texas, United States #1197461

This is an excellent post, wonder why it has zero comments so far.

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