My wife works out daily and we bought this treadmill so that the days she does not have time to get to the gym she can still workout at home. We spent over $2,000 on the machine and were sold an in-home customer service plan which we thought was great.

The problem was after 6 months the machine would slow down in the middle of your workout unexpectedly. When I called for service I was toild I need to pull the machine apart and trouble shoot with them. I said no - I paid for in-home service and they said that only works after the manufacturers warranty is over in 2-3 years. I went back and forth with them over this but bottom line was I needed machine fixed so I took the machine apart as they instructed.

No easy task and very time consuming. If I wanted to be a treadmill service technician then I would have pursued that career path and not paid for the pricey in home service (Which I have an email from them saying I have with no mention of the fact it starts 2-3 years after I buy the machine.) Turns out they wanted me to install a new motor controller unit so they mail it to me and I have to follow instructions to install. I did that and turned on the machine and smoke comes out. I call them and they give me attitude about how I must have installed it wrong.

No - I followed your instructions and again I am not a service tech. Send someone out. Nope. They refuse.

I have been going back and forth with them and every time they try to claim that I am the one doing something wrong instead of taking responsibility for their equipment and just sending someone to fix it. I finally moved the machine out of the house and into the garage while I wait for yet another part to be shipped that I get to try and replace by myself again.

My recommendation is to run as far from Nordic Trac and this machine as possible. I basically paid $2,000 for a big hunk of junk that does not work and they will not provide the support they upcharged me for.

Review about: Nordictrack Treadmill.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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