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I work with Nordic Track. I am part of an online team that works to resolve customer issues that may have slipped through the cracks of our conventional system.

Whether you are here researching information about a future purchase or are frustrated with the service that you are receiving please contact me so that we can get it resolved.

We are thankful for our customer loyalty and work hard to provide quality products and services to everyone. We understands that there may be times where we are unable to satisfy everyone's needs, but know that we strive for 100% Satisfaction. If you are not satisfied or have further questions please email me before posting, once posted, comments can't be edited or deleted as per the terms of service set forth by this website. I look forward to assisting you.


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I am trying to assemble my t6.5z treadmill. I'm on Step #8 in user's manual.

Having trouble getting the #10 x 1 1/4" screws(9) and #10 star washers (5). I can barely get the screws even started much less screwed in as far as they need.



We just got our new NordicTrack elite 10.7 elliptical. It came assembled except for a few parts.

My husband and his helper got it put together and running. However, when I started using it made a loud noise somewhere in the wheel compartment. They went by the book on the instructions so we couldn't understand what is wrong. The cover to the wheel on top is damaged also:( We called the store where we purchased it, we were told to bring it back and they would get us another one.

But we can't do that again. It was extremely heavy and my husband has back issues. Plus just not right to have to. So, tried calling you guys three times.

Waited 30 to 40 minutes each time. No answer. Also went online to register it. No decal or serial number on the machine.

Please help!

Not very happy so far. Thank you

to Anonymous #1108447

I just got off the phone with them with the same problem and machine. they said it looks like the manual is pointing at the side, but that the sticker is on the bottom in that area.



Please send me an email at and I will be more than happy to assist you in getting your machine up and running. Please include the serial # of your machine that you registered it under.



Online Support Manager


purchased a treadmill from sears, nordic track brand, within using it two times the treadmill broke... wtf?

i contacted nordictrack and they had a service tech call. we talked and he ordered three parts in which he though would be the problem, he has trouble getting to my side of town, it has been amonth orlonger and no onehas fixed this machine..

i contacted nordictrack and for some reason the person chatting with me said they would have to contact there service department and get back to me and left me on hold with no one coming back to screen... do not buy from them,, it is not worth the problem,, i still am waiting, thinking of contacting better buisness bureau


Dear Scott,

My name is Scott and I work for Nordictrack. If you will send me a personal email with your information to, I would be happy to assist you. Thanks.


:( :?

Over a month and still no refund... Please contact me regarding this issue. Please look this one up, CS# 70611890.


I purchased the NordicTrack 1750 treadmill. I followed the instruction manual to install the firmware updates, and only after 1 week of use, the console failed.

I tried calling Customer Service, and then they finally answered after 45 minutes on hold. They told me the console was defective and would send a replacement within 1 week at no charge. I then received an email the next day from them stating the console was out of stock. I started to get suspicious and read other consumer rating sites and found that NordicTrack would strings consumers along passed the 30 day trial period with the same story of the "back order" and then when the consumer finally was fed up and returned, they were all charged a 15% restocking fee.

I tried to get customer service once I learned of this scam, and was unsuccessful in speaking with a supervisor. So the only solution I had was to Contact the Utah Better Business Bureau which is where the main office for IconFitness is. Within 2 hours of the BBB notifying IconFitness, I received a phonecall to setup return of the treadmilll without any restocking fee. It's sad that a company completely sells junk and then makes the consumer regret ever wasting their time.

If you have equipment problems, return it.

Don't think for a minute NordicTrack will repair or replace it. And in some cases, they will even try to blame the consumer for why the equipment was defective.


Dear Patty,

My name is Brady and I work for NordicTrack. If you will send me a personal email with your information to, I would be happy to assist you in the repair or return of you exercise bike. I look forward to your response.


Same thin happen to me order a bike it came damage and needs to be returned after calling the sevice line 5 times waiting over 20 mins no one answers but when you call sales they pick up right away I have 4 didnt number I have calle and been on hold for over 10 mins I will not order a other bikr to replace this one because they don't answer there phone!!!!


My $2400 incline treadmill was delivered without a manual. The staff seemed irritated when I called.

The promised manual has not been received by mail 2 weeks later.

Apparently once a product has been bought they don't care any more.

Someone in sales answers the telephone within seconds. But I listened to music for over 11 minutes when waiting for "customer service" (is that a joke name?) so it's clear where their priorities lie.

I'm about to buy more equipment but will NOT buy Nordic Track.

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