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I have been a treadmill owner for over 15 years. The first five, I owned a Weslo Cadence treadmill which costed $190.00.

My second treadmill, a Pro-Form, costed $800 and was with me for 8 years. Both of these treadmills worked very well, I am not a heavy user, maybe 30 min four days per week. I am around 165 pounds, so not too heavy either. Then, I decided to splurge and buy myself a Nordic Track x5.

This was a year and two months ago. What a mistake!!! I spent $1,500 at Sears and now it is broken. I used it for four months, then stopped, then five months later started using it again, 30 min 4 times per week.

Still weighing 165 lbs., why would it ever break?? Simply because it's bad quality!

Now, I am stuck with a $1,500 piece of junk from Nordic Track, and Nordic Track charges $140 just to diagnose! I have no way of knowing how much the damage is going to be. Honestly, I am tempted to throw this thing away and invest in a $250 Weslo, instead of putting more money into this awful brand.

How awful that Sears would endorse such a bad company.

I tried calling both but neither Sears nor Nordic Track cared to take measures. This is the last time they'll see any of my money...

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UPDATE: So, after fighting and fighting with Nordic Track, I decided to pay the $140 and got a technician to come over to my house and take a look at the treadmill. It so happens that the motor was fine, but the screws were such bad quality that they were damaged and he had to replace them.

I was VERY lucky that he did not charge me anything else! (he is an independent contractor and if I ever run into problems again, he is the one I'll be calling). Although the treadmill is now working, I'm not sure when it will break again.

The problem definitely had to do with poor equipment construction and materials. Still unhappy although feeling lucky that I dealt with someone professional and reasonable when having to fix this piece of junk...

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