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If you are being screwed by NordicTrack or their parent company Icon Industries I advise you to call your credit company and start a dispute and get a full refund before the warranty runs out. DO NOT! buy an extended warranty from them it will just hamper the refund process. It will be a long process but don’t give up, tell them that the machine is defective and you want a full refund including the delivery. I just got my refund and it took 13 months from the day I first ordered it.

The following is our story. We purchased a NordicTrack 1750 on 3/7/12 with the Platinum Delivery. The whole thing was a nightmare that would haunt us for over a year and here’s how it went down. The first delivery came on a truck and they wanted to deliver the machine curbside which I refused since we had purchased the platinum delivery. After many calls to NordicTrack someone finally admitted that the unit had been “lost in transit” and they were going to ship another unit. My credit company then calls us and said that NordicTrack was trying to charge my card for a second unit and advised me to cancel it and they would send me a new one. Then after many calls to NordicTrack they finally shipped the unit.

The unit was delivered by a guy and his son, in a beat-up old van, the guy was around 6’ and couldn’t have weighed more than 150 lbs. and his kid was maybe 120 lbs. Keep in mind that the unit weighs around 350 lbs. The unit was still in its as it was being delivered to my basement. The kid was on the downside of the stairs, the father was going to lower it down slowly and the kid was going to hold it from sliding down the stairs. Well, the father let it go and the whole thing slid down the stairs nearly crushing the kid.

They removed it from the box and put it together. I could plainly see that they were not even familiar with how to assemble it. After assembly they turned it on and said it works. They were in a hurry and wanted me to sign off on it without showing us how to use it. When I asked them how it works the father picked up the instructions and started to read the directions, a clear sign that he didn’t know how it works, so I told him we would figure it out and let them go. Obviously, they were not representatives from the company, they were basically just hired to deliver it.

The unit failed after about 20 miles of use. So, I called NordicTrack and they set up an appointment which was 2 ½ weeks out. The parts were received via UPS and the repair guy and his wife showed up about 1 ½ weeks later to change the console and wiring harness, tried it out and left. After another 20 miles or so of use the video would not run when the belt was moving and vice versa. So again, we called for repair and their answer was that our Wi-Fi was not connecting with the unit. After much trial and error we determined that was not the case.

Every time my wife called they would ask her to try this or that until finally I told them the unit is not working and I want them to come pick it up and give me a full refund. The woman said that they would make arrangements and that was the last I heard of them for a few months.

Since they were not contacting me, I called my credit card company and started a dispute, keep in mind that this is now early September. I kept calling and they finally agreed to pick it up and said that they will send a box and when it arrives I should call JB Hunt to come pick it up. Well the box came on 11/28/12 and I immediately called for pickup. The unit was finally picked up on 12/28/12. BTW, the box did not fit so I took photos before they disassembled it and got the driver to sign off. We were told that my card would be credited the full refund in 4-6 weeks so again we waited. I called in mid-February to ask where’s my refund and NordicTrack told me that they haven’t received the treadmill back yet. After a few calls I tracked it down and it was sitting in a warehouse about 40 miles north of here. I then started calling weekly until the unit was shipped back to Utah. Which was a few weeks later, it was finally delivered to them sometime early March. I called them and asked when will receive my refund and they said that it will take 7-10 days. Again, I waited and the refund never was applied to my credit card. So, I then called and asked what was the holdup and they said that there was still a dispute filed with the credit card company and I would have to call the credit card company and they would have to fax them a letter saying that the dispute was dropped and they could go ahead with the refund. When I called the credit card company they said that NordicTrack should be calling the Merchant Services Dept. of the credit card company if there was any questions and not give me the runaround. I asked the credit card company to send me an email saying this which they did and I forwarded this to NordicTrack asking for my money before I seek further action and finally got my refund today 4/11/13. I hope this helps others....John

Product or Service Mentioned: Nordictrack Treadmill.

Monetary Loss: $1750.

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My attempted delivery was Feb 27, 2018. It arrived damaged and refused it (mind you I had been waiting for this for 6 weeks!).

I was told it would take 15-30 days for a refund. It has now been 6 weeks and I am STILL waiting for a refund and have made several calls.

And every time I am on the phone for at least 30 min just to speak to someone! DO NOT buy anything from this company if you want to avoid this nightmare!!!


Horrible customer service. They make it easy tonplace an order and no time at all to charge your credit card however, try and contact customer service and they literally do not respond. I will never deal with company again.


i am getting the runaround by nordictrack too. i only wonder how you called them and got a hold of anyone!

several (automated) 800 numbers i have for them merely hang up on me when i don't have a "registration #" for the product. the other billing 800 number i finally managed to find puts me on hold for an hour every time i call. i cancelled my order because it was taking weeks to arrive. they want to charge me a re-stocking fee even though they breached the contract first!

i just wish everyone with similar nordictrack problems would file a formal complaint to attorney general's office. this company needs to be shut down!!!


Go elsewhere.

Anywhere else.

I waited 5 weeks (intermittently reaching out to Nordictrack) to hear from their "NonStop Delivery Team" to no avail. I cancelled the order and told them refund me.

Reviews online are a godsend, so do not ignore them. You will not get the Gillian Michaels treatment.

to Anonymous Female #1522191

Did they charge you restock? This is happening to me now.

Their “local” delivery people want to wait 3 weeks.

I told them if they can’t even try to do better, sent it back. She said ok and you’ll have to call nordictrack too, and hung up.

Ruidoso, New Mexico, United States #1217672

Thank you for the heads up. I am having real issues with them also. They are a terrible company to deal with!

Oakdale, New York, United States #636296

Read my comment at NordicTrack - Key To Getting A Refund From NordicTrack Is Persistence

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