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First of January 2013 I puchased a Nordictrack treadmill, was delivered on the 7th and was told they were not suppose to assemble the machine because I did not pay for that service, which I was never offered the option.So the following week I worked on assemling it during the evenings after work, which I admit was'nt to difficult, The problem is once plugged it would not power up.I called Nordictrack and they did a diagnosis over the phone and had a module sent to my home and told me after I installed it to ship the bad part back to them but I told them it was new and never worked and I also purchased a 3 yr extended warranty so they needed to send somebody out to do the repair.Which they had to get approved by a manager.So about a week later the part showed up, I calldd the independent contractor repair service and they showed up and hour and 15 minutes later than they were suppose to and he figured out the over the phone diagnosis was wrong.He ordered two more parts, 2 weeks later the new parts showed so I called the repair people and they werd suppose to show at 9am on 2/25/13 which I took off of work again to take care of and imagine this, nobody showed or called until I retunerd to work at 9:50.Thats when I got a call from the tech saying he was on his way, told him I was already at work.That evening after work I got call from the tech asking if he could come by and replace the parts he ordered and repair the treadmill, I said sure.He got there and installed the new parts but still nothing the machinevwould still not work so he told me the new parts were defective and that he would reorder ghe same parts.I decided on 3/13/13 I would go by Sears in Baybrook Mall where I had purchased had treadmill and see if they would be able to do anything for me, no manager was avilable so I talked to an asssociate, explained my situation and he said he would talk to his department lead and get back to me the next day, which he did.He told me his manager said I should call Sears Customer Solutions at 1 800 479 6351 and he was sure that they would swap my defective unit out for another treadmill but if I wanted it assembled it would cost me 40 to 50 dollars, which I would have no problem with.So I call Sears customer solutions line this evening 3/4/13 and they told me I would have to deal with Nordictrack, so with even asking me if I would like to be transferred all of a sudden I was on the line with Nordictrack customer servive and went through the whole spill with them again and they would have to takk with the repair tech, who apparently has not even ordersd any new parts for the treadmill,and they would make sure that it was taking care of.So I have a $1000.00 machine that has been sitting for two months thats not useable.I am not happy with Sears or Nordictrack and will never purchase a product from either company again

Review about: Nordictrack Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $1348.

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