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FSI9 elevation unit stopped working 3rd week. Trouble shooting from customer service Says it is a pinched harness. 4 weeks later a still no harness..have tried numerous times to contact NordickTrack and no response. My online customer registration account has been locked out from day one. This is the worst customer service I have ever experience I have to enter the date and purchase price every time along with the serial number and model number.... Read more

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Nordictrack Freestride Review
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Worst customer experience ever! Spent $2400 on the freestride. It broke in the first 3 months. Good luck getting help. Hold times exceed 30 min and customer service reps are complete robots that will offer zero help. I would never buy one of their products again. My credit card company had to dispute. Do not waste your time. This product was extremely poor quality and comes with the worst customer service in the industry. I wouldn't accept a... Read more

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I have now used my new C990 for about 1 month. Although it has some good features, I am VERY disappointed in several design aspects of this machine: 1) Only the belt inclines, so the handrail is barely in reach beyond 6 degrees of incline. I am a normal 5' 8" so this is ridiculous. Was this machine designed exclusively for midgets? This is a safety issue! 2) The handrail is far too short. I need to be at the very front end of the belt to reach... Read more

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September 29-- Call received from scheduling office - Schedule delivery shipment to my Apartment-Delivered on Friday, September 30, 2016. Told the Scheduler to make note that my apartment was on the second floor. Please make a reference in my notes to your staff. The Delivery guy delivered on Friday never took the shipment off the truck and called his boss. He stated he would need three to four guy to help. I woke my husband up to help if... Read more

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Same problem as others, the clutch assembly failed. Bike has been used infrequently. The replacement part is 2 times what the bike cost new. Nordictrack uses cheap plastic for vital parts and charges obscene amount for new part. The rest of the bike is brand new. Norictrack would rather lose customers by not supporting their products with reasonable parts. Will never do business with them or Icon again. I need at least 100 words so blah... Read more

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Bought an X11i and the console is now not working. Have been trying to get a replacement since June of 2016.... can someone pls contact us NordicTrack sales do get ahold of you right away but do not want to know if something goes wrong Why would anyone buy something that they cannot get parts for? Now we cannot submit a complaint unless it is 100 words or more. Been on hold for an hour yet again. Can someone please... Read more

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I ordered a nordictrack treadmill in August. Still waiting. It's on the ground in LA, but according I them it's "not late". What exactly would be late? Hopefully some day I get the equipment and I like it.

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I purchase a treadmill from this company. The treadmill was applied to my credit card and I was sent a confirmation that the order was filled and confirmed on my credit card. Two days later my order was cancelled via email. Apparently they ship only to the billing address if you are in Canada. I live in a rural area and my mailing address is not the same as my shipping address. This wasted several hours of my time. I phoned to explain and the... Read more

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Never been so aggravated with a automated customer service. Nordic tract system just keeps you busy going nowhere. Is there a real customer service department or just a phone number Intended to aggravate customers until they give up. Sears needs to know just how little Nordic tract cares about the people who purchase their equipment. And how hard it is to get any type of customer service at all. This situation may require contact with our local... Read more

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I purchased a very expensive Nordic Track treadmill. After the warranty ran out the machine started running away wide open as fast as it could go and I would have to unplug it from the wall to stop it. I called Nordic Track and they told me the machine is discontinued I cannot get parts or service for the machine. I paid a couple thousand dollars for this thing and I just got to throw it away? That is the trouble with this world, we have a throw... Read more

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